What Kind Of Precautions Can I Take To Ensure My Safety?

Participant safety is the number one priority of the Tikkun Olam staff.  Although there is no reason to fear for one's safety in south Tel Aviv, in Jaffa or in Israel as a whole, the Tikkun Olam staff recommends that participants take certain basic precautions to insure their safety, such as:

  • Register with your home country's embassy as a citizen spending time abroad, and abide by travel advisories
  • Abide by travel advisories issued by the Israeli government
  • Follow Tikkun Olam and Masa Israel policies prohibiting travel to certain neighborhing countries and in the occupied territories
  • File emergency contact information with Tikkun Olam staff, as well as with your home country's embassy in Israel
  • Keep your apartment door locked to prevent theft
  • Only take buses from the major Israeli bus companies, and only take cabs that are clearly marked in the standard fashion.
  • Avoid hitchhiking.

Most safety precautions are common sense measures that one would follow in any country in the world. Tikkun Olam participants will never be forced to do anything that involves unreasonable danger, or that they do not feel safe doing. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about safety in Israel.