Muki Tzur

Muki Tzur is an author, educator and among the foremost historians of the early Zionist period and pioneering movements. Born in 1938 in Jerusalem, Muki grew up there and in South America, as his father served as Israel's first ambassador on the continent. After returning to Israel and finishing high school, Muki joined Kibbutz Ein Gev during his army service. He completed his BA studies at Hebrew University in Jewish Philosophy and Kabbalah, and began working in education. Muki has written several books on the early kibbutz and pioneering movements and Israel, and recently published his autobiography, Half a Flute.

Muki teaches the Tikkun Olam group a course on early Zionism and pioneer movements in Israel.

Read a recent column from Muki here: "Our Responsibility to Promote Justice: Liberal Zionists Speak Out"