Living Arrangements

As a participant in Tikkun Olam's Social Action Track, you will make your home in the south Tel Aviv neighborhood of Shapira.  You'll live in a fully-furnished apartment with your fellow participants.  The apartments include kitchens stocked with all of the necessary utensils, washing machines and wireless internet.  The city center, other South Tel Aviv neighborhoods and Jaffa are all easily accessible by bus, bike or on foot.
A central component of Tikkun Olam's philosophy involves living amongst the populations we volunteer with. This creates a strong connection between our volunteers and the local residents and enables them to truly become members of the community. In Kiryat Shalom, participants will live within a population of both recent Israeli immigrants and veteran citizens, as well as migrant workers and asylum seekers.
Along with volunteers from around the world, you'll also be living with Israeli peers. The ongoing interaction with young adults from all over the world will help enrich and enhance your personal experience in Israel.