Living Arrangements

Tikkun Olam's Internship Track offers you the unique opportunity to live amongst the populations that you serve!  Want to work with refugees from Darfur and Eritrea?  You'll live in one of the diverse communities of south Tel Aviv.  Prefer to work towards Arab-Jewish coexistence?  You'll live coexistence, in a neighborhood of Jaffa where Arabs and Jews live side-by-side. 


We believe that in order to best serve the underprivileged populations of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, we need to become a part of their neighborhoods and understand where they come from.  That's why Tikkun Olam's Internship Track offers a fully immersive experience into communities that we serve.


Tikkun Olam is also the only program of its kind that includes Israeli participants.  Having Israeli peers living with you will help you experience Israel like a native, while also encouraging dialog about the meaning of social justice work in the Jewish state of Israel from a broader variety of perspectives.


On Tikkun Olam, you'll live in an apartment with your fellow participants.  Each apartment comes fully-furnished, including kitchens that are stocked with all the essential cookware and utensils.  Your tuition payment includes all utilities and wireless internet in each apartment.  When you apply to the program, you can choose to have your own room, or to save a bit on tuition and share a larger room with one other participant (depending on availability).