Inna Katsenelson

Social Action Track Coordinator

Director of Alumni Relations


This is Inna's first year on Tikkun Olam. Growing up in a secular family, Inna had very little connection to her Jewish identity. After working as a counselor at Camp Ramah in Massachusetts for 2 years, Inna quickly become connected and interested in staying involved in the Jewish community both in Israel and in the diaspora.

Inna participated in the program, Rezizim, where she earned a BA, Masters and Teaching Certificate for teaching Tanach, and Jewish studies in secular schools. Since then Inna has worked as a madricha (counselor) for many international programs and just recently returned for Australia, after living there for 3 years working as a Jewish studies and Hebrew teacher for the reform movement and advisor for university students studying abroad at the Hebrew University. Inna is currently finishing her Masters at Tel Aviv University in Jewish History in the Modern world. 

 Inna will be responsible for Internship and Volunteering placements for the Tel Aviv track and will be around to guide, counsel and support the participants throughout the program. She will also plan enrichment activities and take part in the study days, trips and tours.